Critical Role Character Set

My Game Nite crew and I have gone full dive into Dungeons and Dragons thanks to the popular series Critical Role. The characters are fantastic and the narrative impossible to not be drawn into. I decided to do a small character series in just pen and sharpie with no guiding pencils or a plan. I added some red ink smudges in specific areas for dramatic and thematic effects. Enjoy the Mighty Nein! Beau 001bClay 001bFjord 001bJester 001aMollymauk 001bNott 001aYasha 001bCaleb 001b



This one is an old charcoal drawing I did about 6+ years ago of a woman I was seeing at the time. She was exciting and reckless, and noticeably very beautiful. Unfortunately for me, she was as unreliable as a cat, so I came to nickname her “my stray”–only coming around when she felt like it and only as a means of escape. We had some great times, but obviously it would have never worked out. I’m happy that I captured this moment, though. This was maybe an hour session, if that.

Marie a2

Inktober 2017 Part 1

It’s October and for Illustrators around the globe that means it’s time for the #Inktober challenge! Every day you draw something with inks and post it up on social media. Normally I don’t do these kinds of things, but as someone who loves to work with ink I can’t pass it up. I taught myself years ago to just sketch with pen in order to reduce the amount of mistakes I made with pencil and to also learn to clean them up if I ever did mess up. This challenge is fun and it promotes daily drawing which is something I sincerely need to get back to. So, without further ado, here’s my current line-up of Inktober sketches with more to come as the month goes on!

Inktober 01Inktober 2Inktober 3Inktober 4Inktober 5Inktober 6Inktober 7Inktober 8Inktober 9Inktober 10Inktober 11Inktober 12Inktober 13Inktober 14 001Inktober 15Inktober 16Inktober 17Inktober 18Inktober 19