Father’s Day Sketch Man-Thing and Thanos

For Father’s Day this year, I decided to take it back to the old days when I was younger and couldn’t afford to get my old man anything as a gift. Both because I couldn’t afford to get him anything as a gift and because I wanted to make it something a little more personal. I was able to snag movie posters for Wonder Woman and Justice League from my local theater to give him as a regular gift, but I also added in a sketch of his favorite characters to add some flavor.

Man-Thing and Thanos. I’d love to write that team-up. Thanos, pondering nihilistic existentialism while Man-Thing silently teleports him around the multiverse in a bizarre showcase of life and death.

man thanos 002 edit


Persona 5 OTP Sketch

I just finished Persona 5 and it is without a doubt my GOTY for 2017. That said, it is only mid year and so many amazing things have come out already. The latter half of the year is looking fantastic too. P5 just gave me something that I’ve wanted for a while now with JRPGs and it’s that total package feeling. From start to finish this game is polished in terms of visuals, menu mechanics, battle flow, storytelling, crafting, and everything else, top to bottom. And in conjunction with its previous entries, it’s a billion lightyears ahead of its predecessors. Persona 3 and 4 were in no way bad games, and are still in my top lineup for solid JRPGs, but Persona 5 just took every aspect of them to a new heightened level.

In honor of my completion of the game and just before I spend another 120 hours on my New Game + playthrough, I’ve sketched my OTP (One True Pairing) favorite couple for Persona. Futaba and Akira. It may seem odd, since she is considerably younger than the fans of the series, but in terms of both she and Akira, the age gap is very small. Her bond is unique compared to all the others because it’s one of perfect trust on a very vulnerable level. Futaba has to overcome both her trauma regarding the death of her mother and her own fear of socializing after years of seclusion. Akira brings out the best in her and supports her in a way that nobody else could. Combined with Sojoiro’s moving story about her, the story makes perfect sense for Akira to take care of her heart as someone that both she and Sojiro trust.

Also, she’s awesome and takes no shit. Strong-willed and super smart with a kind heart and a cruel sense of humor. This girl deserves the world.

P5 3

Art Projects


An ink drawing of a fox done in pointilism


An elderly man drawn younger, still dreaming of being a pilot in charcoal


An elderly woman drawn younger, still dreaming of being a photographer in charcoal


An elderly woman drawn younger, still dreaming of being a painter in charcoal


An elderly woman drawn younger, still dreaming of her youthful energy in charcoal


An elderly woman drawn younger, still dreaming of her smiling days in charcoal