Inktober 2017 Part 2

Well, I managed to keep up with Inktober! It’s sad that I don’t draw as often as I used to, but it’s nice to see that I haven’t fallen off as far as I thought I did. For anyone interested, I do all of these free-hand in pen with no pencils or setups just BOOM from the brain. I have a bit of an advantage for Inktober in that I used to regularly draw in pen only as a way to keep myself from making mistakes and to teach myself how to correct/hide them as well. Hope you enjoy!

Inktober 20 001Inktober 21Inktober 22Inktober 23-2Inktober 24Inktober 25Inktober 26-2Inktober 27Inktober 28Inktober 29Inktober 30Inktober 31


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