Unpopular Opinion: Bloodborne-More Like BloodBoring


Score:  5/10

As a horror fan, it only took the announcement of Bloodborne to secure my pre-order.  The thought of an action adventure, free-roaming, gore-filled extravaganza was all I needed.  Toss in the ridiculous amount of character customization and there’s no way this game didn’t knock me off my feet, right?  Well, it didn’t.  And after hours and hours of “trying” to have fun I realized that fun shouldn’t be something that requires effort and I traded it back in.

First thing you’re going to say is, “Did you ever play a Souls game”?  I had for a bit, but honestly I assumed this would be different.  I saw the weapon variations and the creatures, and I guess I just got caught up in the moment.  What did I expect?  Devil May Cry meets Resident Evil.  What did I get?  The slowest action adventure game I’ve ever played in my life.  And the worst part was how much I wanted to love it.  The horror buff in me begged Bloodborne every second to be a better game–to be more fun.  But that’s not what From Software set out to make here and we need to be honest with ourselves about just how “fun” this game truly is.

It’s immersive.  It’s gorgeous.  It’s riddled with that horror flavor that makes me go wild.  But it plays like a cow in a shopping cart and the difficulty level only makes that all the more frustrating.  Veteran players all say “get good”, but what they really mean is “suffer through it”.  I tried.  I seriously tried to love it more than anything else ever, but the slow trudge toward killing just a single enemy had me frustrated and unfulfilled for hours.  I missed the quickness and finesse that Capcom gave us in all of Dante’s moves!  I missed the wild combos I used to do with Kratos’ blades! I missed moving faster than some syrup dripping off a tree branch!

Bloodborne did so much right flavor-wise and so much right with their storytelling, but ultimately the gameplay was not enough to hold me.  And those die-hard completionists who can suffer through it and claim each victory as the best rush of their lives, well, I both salute you and think you’re crazy.  I’m sure a sequel will spawn with just as much of the same old since the Souls formula never changes, but I will pass and instead wait on the next action delight that can keep up with my need for speed.

I welcome all comments and rebuttals because I know most of the world loved this game and will praise the Dark Souls mistress that hurts them so good for all eternity.



7 responses to “Unpopular Opinion: Bloodborne-More Like BloodBoring

  1. I tried Dark Souls 2 because I heard so much hype about it and ran into exactly the issue you did. I was frustrated but not in a good way like other difficult games would make me. I get that there are a gamers who love being defeated over and over again and then overcoming that defeat that the souls games do but for me the gameplay was not fun and very sluggish

  2. Absolutely true. I’m used to faster decision making and faster action. The game equates difficulty to allowing the enemies to move the way that YOU want to move, but the real challenge is that you move at 100x less than their speed.

    It’s a patience game that I’m sure makes some players feel like the average guy becoming the badass with odds stacked against them, but I think it’s lost on players like us that like persistent challenges that don’t have our hands tied. I want the fantastical awesome to be my power in the game because the game has the potential to make me into anything. If I”m just another average guy, then what’s the point. Human simulator in a fantasy world. Hope you like being boring.

  3. No, honestly I didn’t make it more than about 3 hours into the game before I just couldn’t anymore. I wasn’t having fun and as beautifully haunting as everything was to look at, I just didn’t wanna romp around in that system anymore.

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