Friday the 13th

Flood your heart with awful fright

In this abysmal darkened hour–

Let all your horrid thoughts devour

This, your freedom; Horror night.


Put your back against the wall

As ghoulish hands tear at your soul;

With all your friends now dead and cold–

You hear the shrieks engross the halls!


The scathing claws are at your door!

Blood-soaked teeth for flesh to meet–

An apparition without feet;

Empty sockets see no more…


You squirm alone until you find

The black, repulsive, gripping scares

And bloody, sharpened, bleak nightmares

Are just a creak inside your mind.


But in that truth a shadow lies

That grinds the jaw against itself:

A visage mirrored; maw of hell–

The morbid future–your demise!


It lurks inside and deep beneath;

The cawing crow of beastly ire–

A putrid scent of flesh and fire!

Beware Friday on the Thirteenth.


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