Why Comics Matter

People ask me all the time why I read comics.  Why I illustrate comics.  Why comics are important to such a strange and passionate subculture.  My answer is simple and can be applied to any artistic creation.  Every comic is a testament of life.  The lives of every person involved in its publication.  The writers.  The artists.  The editors.  The companies.  The time periods in which they were published.  The ethics and the values of those creators as they poured their passions and talents into a collaborative story.  Every comic from every age is packed full of legacy.  Lives that have gone praised and lives that are overlooked.  Inkers forgotten and writers immortalized.  It’s a medium that combines the best of two art forms into a versatile masterpiece for all avenues of viewers and readership.

In short, Comics are the product of the lives that created it from their very being—all for you, the reader, to enjoy and be affected by.

Comics are life.  So pay your respects to those who are gone and honor the ones who give their lives to their work today.  Because you are witnessing a historical documentation of their lives and the world around them.


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