Judges (My First Attempt at Rap)

He was lost from the start of it

Born into the darkest pit of despair

Without a care to repair the unfair

Just a self-proclaimed realist

Don’t you feel this?

He insists he’s not a fatalist

But the range of sins is still growing

Against him and in knowing

He does nothing.


A victim of luck or karma

He’ll charm you as his truck dies

And landlord lies as he evicts him

To the streets and the narrows

A narrow divide between dead and alive

He’s not on his own side

So slowly he slides

A steady decline down the line

Of a long string of lost tries

But his eyes don’t sting of revenge

Just a singe of deep hate for the fake

Wastes of space that give no time of day

To a guy who will wait for that

One little taste of acts

That aren’t rude or treating him like a fool

Or a tool to be used for personal gain

It’s insane nobody has any shame

Though he won’t care to share

What impairs his life from being

Anything more than strife; the knife

Continues to stab.


And we will pity him when he dies

Because the darkness in his eyes—surprise

It was real and though we ignored him

Or were bored when he was down

We just frowned at failed ambition

And bitched when he had no job

He could have robbed, but he didn’t

To defend it he worked hard on his own

To own something worth working for

And sold all of his time for a bold misdirection

A section not his selection

But never losing affection for art

He kept playing the part apart from himself

While nothing ever worked out.


Bad luck it stuck and into his life it snuck

He was fucked from the very beginning

We were wary to believe it

We would leave it and from a distance

Even if resistance was used we would hate

And verbally abuse what left us confused

Because we didn’t see it that way

That away from the media lies we lay

On the brink of isolation we stay

Island nations of narrow-minded egotists

Throwing fists at shit we haven’t experienced

Making it not real to us or feel to us

Like movie reels to us

We don’t know how to trust any one of us

Living in our own little worlds we just

Don’t know how to adjust to someone

Different than us

So we just let him go.


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