Snowed in Writer

by Alex Tisdale on Tuesday, January 11, 2011 at 6:41pm

The icy torrents freeze our way

and bind my feet inside today,

with amber embers floating stray

my fervent hand and pen remain!


I craft my tale of venture’s gained

on makeshift shores; I do obtain

the idol hands forever stained–

his drunken guilt to bear the shame.


One soul to pass in passing glance

a weary girl; At Last! Perchance?

A man of morrow’s sorrow trance

could be her father’s only chance.


And with the boy of stolen dreams

(His parents lost and killed it seems;

He dreams of vengeance more each dream)

They trail the iron serpent’s steam.


Its master calling through the dark

to call upon ancestral hearts

and grant them justice through his art–

He’ll tear this lonely world apart.


But vexing him,  a rival knows

and has a spy within his throws!

A prickly thief, with heroes, goes–

yet never lets intentions show


And in the fray: A warrioress

who fights with utmost awesomeness

and kills with utter flawlessness;

Her blade on traitor’s neck to press!


The last is proper, prim, and blithe,

her image in men’s minds and eyes.

Carlotta basks in fame and pride.

Her treasure lost–she prays she finds.


In all this madness, careless, play

lay endless stories, if I may…

to write them all for you one day

and entertain life’s  boring stay


Hope you enjoyed!  It’s a preview of the second series in the line of books I”m writing.  With the first being entitled simply Elements, this series will be called Elements: DARK TOMORROW.  Book two of Elements will be on its way shortly after I get some publication info out of the way and set this series on its way into the hands of everyone.


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