I am a Writer/ Illustrator from South Carolina with a BA in Creative Writing and a lifelong obsession with visual media.  Typically I do video game journalism and illustration, but my range of comfortable media spans everything from poetry to scriptwriting.  My art is mostly forged from the comic book-style illustrations and manga that I grew up with (Rumiko Takahashi, Joe Mad, Mike Wieringo, etc.), though I do portraits and other more realistic pieces. I’m always trying to learn new things, and I’m constantly inspired by new artists and writers everyday.

I love movies, games, books, and art of all different genres, so nothing turns me away on face value unless it’s starring James Franco. You can find me here or on Twitter rambling about video games and other media that has affected me.

Here’s a list of some of my published work:


The Non-Existent JRPG That Everyone is Nostalgic For

Why Wonder Woman Has Already Made History

OVERWATCH Fans Have Discovered a Ridiculous Pastime in “Hog Ball”

RESIDENT EVIL’s Umbrella Corps is Treating Skin in Vietnam

FAR CRY 5 Takes Aim at Crazy Cult Militias in Rural America

MONSTER PROM is the First Ever Competitive Local Multiplayer Dating Sim

Giant Custom Videogame Tables Look Good Enough To Play

Why Yamcha is Actually the Scariest Opponent in DRAGON BALL

MY HERO ACADEMIA is the Perfect Anime for American Comic Book Fans

OVERWATCH Finally Reveals Doomfist

Fan-Made OVERWATCH Netflix Trailer is Everything We Want

OVERWATCH Pet Cosplay is the Best Cosplay

The Top 10 Most Ridiculous Powers In ONE PIECE

The 10 Best Super Powers in MY HERO ACADEMIA 

ONE PIECE and the Real Myth of the Kobold

CATS & DOGS Take Over The Sims 4 in New Pet-Friendly Expansion

OVERWATCH Animated Short Details Mei’s Tragic Origin

Top 10 Games Nintendo Needs To Bring To The Switch

Nintendo Teases THE LEGEND OF ZELDA: BREATH OF THE WILD Champions Amiibos

Adorable YURI ON ICE Figures Skate into Your Funko Pop Collection

OVERWATCH Announces Halloween Terror 2017 Event


How Deltron, Video Games, and Old School Animation Came Together In ‘Battleborn’

What Happened To The Gross Out Games Of The ’90’s?


Virtual Reality Could Be The Very Real Death Of You

What Does A Former NASA Employee Think Of ‘No Man’s Sky’?

Goku and Friends Are At Their Finest In ‘Dragon Ball Fusions’


Your Bad Gaming Posture Is Starting To Show


10 Changes Destiny Needs To Make To Survive Another Year

The Good And Bad Of Overwatch

10 Things We Love And Hate About Pokemon Go

ZAM/ ReadySet/ FanByte

What Ever Happened To Pokkén?

Dating Sims Are Normal Now

Games We Love To Watch Other People Play: Horror Gaming and YouTube

Tales of Berseria Review

Square Enix Clearly Wants To Make A Pokemon Game

Mario Tennis Aces Review

Monster Hunter: World is Secretly Teaching You Real Ecology

Could Resident Evil’s t-Virus Really Exist?


Persona Takes Jungian Psychology And Runs With It


Borderlands To Battleborn With Gearbox Software’s Scott Kester

Pokemon: From Red and Blue to Sun and Moon

10 Pokemon Go Alternatives For Once You’ve Caught Them All



“Who Rules in the Fandom” by Steph Farnsworth of Stand Up Magazine



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